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About me

The Skapa Group was founded on the basis that design has value. The creative minds of the Skapa Group pride themselves on bridging the gaps between visual communication, creative tactical solutions, client needs and business objectives. I have assembled a group of DOers and DREAMers in a variety of design arenas that include 2D, 3D, interactive design, integrated marketing, experiential environments and web development. My name is Leo, I pride myself on my balance of passion for effective design with the customer needs to create responsive experiences and increased visibility for the brands I work with

Leo Boczar

I am Skapa

As a business developer and trend-spotter, I developed a collaborative network of uniquely positioned group of designers, copywriters, animators and 3D experiential creators into a one-of-a-kind integrated marketing think tank that specializes in providing complete solutions for it's clients.

Known for my out-of-the-box style, I worked hand in hand with many companies and non-profit entities developing and implementing marketing campaigns for exhibitions, events and internal corporate communications.

Skapa services

I combine passion and experience to build effective design with customer needs in mind to create responsive experiences and increased visibility for your brand. OH, I also remember to have fun doing it. It is fun to design and problem-solve, so I do it everyday.

web design

Web creation is all encompassing, it is NOT just about design. Planning, SEO, marketing

visual communication

Photograph, graphic or illustration. A well designed visual is a creative storytelling device. Lets tell your story.

UX design

UX is an empowering platform that when it is done usefully and usable, can manufacture a memorable solution.

brand identify

Skapa believes that without a stategic roadmap your solution will fall short. We like roadmaps and building them.


Sometimes the best visual is manufactured through a lens which is why we can shot, capture and edit content your solution.

3D Design

The world we live in is not flat. It has dimension. Some solutions requires a look and feel in 3D to complete the story.

samples of work

I work hard every day to bring your thoughts to reality. Really. This is tiny sample of the recent work I have been designing and executing with the help of my network of creatives.

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Working with Skapa

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Skapa Facts

Skapa means to CREATE; to make, to manufacture; to put into existence, chiefly BY A CREATIVE ACT. Look it up. It is Swedish.

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The Skapa design workflow

Throughout the Discovery stage, the objective is to understand the specific requirements of the challenge that needs to be solved, while undergoing a deep dive to understand the audience’s needs and motivations, while taking into account the market’s climate and business objectives.

Following the path

During the Digest stage, the blocks of information are refined to nuggets of insight, easily digestible, processed, and later utilized by the team going forward. As new insights and audience considerations emerge, it may become prevalent to re-explore Discovery.

We deliver on time

Within the Design stage, the development begins to see if research insights and indicative hypotheses hold water. As thoughts become visual and take aim at the result, the mantle of responsibility falls onto the team to ensure the needs of the audience are not lost in the weeds.

Let's chat about design

I know that design can influence, change perspective and impact anything it touches. Creating measurable value for a client and their audiences is paramount to the success of Skapa. Let's talk about working together and how I can help.

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